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This is a list of commands players can use in-game for their convenience.

Convenience Commands

  • @battlestats: Gives detailed information about your current battle statistics including Cast Time Reductions, Damage Reductions, and ATK Bonuses.
  • @cooldown/@cd/@instance: Shows the status of your character's instance cooldowns.
  • @events: Shows the upcoming events such as the Mysterious Slot Machine, Happy Hours, etc.
  • @changegm: Changes the leader of your current guild.
  • @leaveclan/@clanleave: Leaves your clan at any moment (useful if you have trouble being added to a guild).
  • @channel: Displays all channel commands.
  • @channel join <#channel name>: Joins the channel you specified.
  • @channel leave <#channel name>: Leaves the channel you specified.
  • @channeljoin: Toggles automatic joining of the default channels (#trade, #support, #lfp) on or off.
  • @countitem: Set item goals for collection with @countitem +6256 100 for example. 100 Being the goal and +6256 being Ice Pieces. You must use the ID#, and you can not set multiple count items in a single line as you would @autoloot. Each time the item lands in your inventory through any means a yellow text box appears similar to announcements on the server. Completing your @countitem will trigger the Homunculus level up animation over your character (/effect ON) and the level up horns will be heard with /sound ON.
  • @commands: Displays a list of available player commands.
  • @dailies: Displays the Daily Rewards calendar. The next reward you will claim has a blue highlight.
  • @edenquest: Shows the current status of your Eden Group Equipments Quest chain.
  • @go <town id or town name>: Lists the warp destinations. You can warp to one of the destination by typing the town name or town ID (e.g. @go 22 or @go hugel).
  • @hominfo: Displays detailed information of your Homunculus, including stats and Intimacy points.
  • @homstats: Displays your current Homunculus stats as well as the possible values at max level.
  • @homtalk <text>: Freak out your friends by making your Homunculus talk.
  • @jailtime: Shows your remaining jail duration.
  • @me <text>: Make your character speak without displaying the : between your character name and your text.
  • @missionreset: (For Taekwon Kid characters) Resets your Taekwon Mission so you can get a different mission.
  • @party <partyname>: Creates a party, similar to /organize.
  • @party: Without any name, will automatically generate a party with a random name.
  • @voteleader: If your party leader is offline and if 50% of your party uses the command, the leader will be reassigned to a random party member.
  • @pettalk <text>: Freak out your friends by making your Pet talk.
  • @petinfo: Check your pet hunger and intimacy.
  • @hidepet: Hide your pet from YOU. Other player will still see your pet.
  • @rates: Displays the current server EXP rates and item drop rates.
  • @return: Warps you back to your save point.
  • @load: Warps you back to your save point.
  • @showdelay: Displays the Cast Delay or Cooldown of the skill you're trying to cast, if it is on Delay or Cooldown. Requires Skill Failure Display to be on.
  • @showvend: Displays cells where you can setup a selling or buying shop in town.
  • @refresh: 'Refreshes' your display. It helps to correct position lag.
  • @time: Displays the current server time.

Toggle Commands

These can be set permanently on or off from the Login Settings NPC in the Main Office. If they have the [permanent] mention, it means the setting is saved automatically.

  • @nopickup: Disables picking up item from the floor.
  • @noks: Protects you from being Kill-stolen and records the potential KSer's name (enabled automatically on some maps).
  • @noask: Automatically rejects any trade requests you receive.
  • @nodrop: Disables dropping equipment-type items to the floor.
  • @nosnow: Disables the snow effect in towns.
  • @nomemorial: Disables the memorial dungeon window [permanent].
  • @quotes: Toggles the level up quotes on and off.
  • @mineffect: Enables /mineffect from an atcommand.
  • @showbuff: Displays party member buffs as symbols in the party window.
  • @showexp: Displays EXP gained (in numbers and percentage), requires Guild Chat Display to be on.
  • @showheal <potion, leech, regen>: This command toggles between showing or not the recovery numbers above your character's head.
  • @showsp: Switches your party member's HP bar display for their SP bar display (useful for Sorcerers).
  • @listenbg: Toggle Battlegrounds announcements on and off. [permanent].
  • @listenpvp: Toggle PVP announcements on and off. [permanent].

Shop Commands

You must use the exact item name or ID. Additional information such as refines and cards can be specified with the search. (e.g. @whosell +7 Elven Bow, @ws 15048 4141 or @ws giant snake skin[dex+7,int+7]).

  • @whosell/@whosells/@ws <item name or id>: Displays a list of vendors selling the item you specified.
  • @whobuy/@whobuys/@wb <item name or id>: Displays a list of vendors selling the item you specified.
  • @whonpcsell/@whonpcsells/@wn <item name or id>: Displays a list of NPCs selling the item you specified.
  • next: Gives you the next page of results from one of the commands above. This command must be used directly after a search, if you type something else inbetween it will not work.
  • @shopjump/@sj: coordinate1 coordinate2: Use this command to teleport beside a vendor. Can only be used in "@go market"
  • @autotrade/@at: Use this command after using the Merchant class skill Vending to leave your vendor online.

Item- and Monster-related Commands

  • @autoloot <any value between 1-100>: Enables you to automatically loot items dropped from monsters that you killed. Entering no value will activate autoloot at 100%.
  • @al: Essentially @autoloot 100.
  • @alootid +<item name or id>: Enables you to automatically loot items specified in this command. You can have 20 different whitelisted items on @alootid at a time.
  • @alootid -<item name or id>: You will not loot items specified in this command. You can have 20 different blacklisted items on @alootid at a time.
    • @alootid can be applied to multiple items in one line, separated by "|"
    • e.g. @alootid reset|-Jellopy|+4003 will reset your autoloot settings, blacklist Jellopy, and enable autoloot of Pupa Card (item #4003, see a database)
  • @aloottype -<item name or id>: You will not loot items specified in this command.
  • @iteminfo/@ii <item name or id>: Displays brief information of the item you specified.
  • @ii2 <item name or id>: Displays the description of the item you specified. You must use the exact item name or ID.
  • @mobinfo/@mi <monster name or id>: Displays detailed information such as HP, EXP, and stats of the monster you specified.
  • @restock: Withdraws your saved restock list from your storage when it is open. You may apply these commands to @restock1 @restock2 @restock3 for each character, not account wide unfortunately. But for example @restock2 snapshot or @restock3 +poring card 1 or @restock1 reset will work with @restock reset too.
    • @restock +<item_id> <amount> (<type>): Adds an item to your restock list.
    • @restock -<item_id>: Removes an item from your restock list
    • @restock reset: Resets your restock list.
    • @restock list: Prints all items on your list.
    • @restock snapshot: Saves your current inventory to your restock list.
  • @savealoot/@loadaloot: Allows players to manage their autoloot ID settings.
  • @nopickup/@noloot: Prevents a player from looting items on the ground (useful in Endless Tower).
  • @noshare/@noshared/@nosharedloot <any value between 0-100>: Prevents shared loot from entering your inventory (useful in Endless Tower).
  • @whodrops/@wd <item name or id>: Displays the name of monsters that drops the item you specified and the drop rates of said item.
  • @whereis/@wi <monster name or id>: Displays the map name and amount of spawn of the monster you specified (it is recommended to follow this up with the Ctrl + ` command, or use Alt + V then click the Map button).

Duel, Battlegrounds, and WOE-related Commands

See also: Battlegrounds

  • @duel: Enter a duel. This command is also usable in towns.
  • @invite <playername>: Invite another player to duel with you. There can only be two players in an instance of duel.
  • @accept: Accept the duel invitation.
  • @reject: Reject the duel invitation.
  • @leave: Leave the duel.
  • @joinbg: Join the Battlegrounds queue.
  • @partybg: Join the Battlegrounds queue as a party of 2. Parties larger than 2 will not be allowed. Alternatives: @bgparty, @joinbgparty, @joinpartybg, @partyjoinbg, @partybgjoin, @bgjoinparty, @bgpartyjoin
  • @leavebg: Leave the Battlegrounds queue.
  • @listenbg: Toggle Battlegrounds announcements on and off.
  • @voteskip: Vote to rotate the Battlegrounds game mode.
  • @battleinfo: Shows your kills and deaths in PvP areas.
  • @guildskill: Usable by Guild Leaders to cast various guild skills.
  • @gcd: Shows the cooldowns of guild skills.


These commands apply to the NovaExt feature. To enable them, you must toggle the Sound settings to "Use 2D Sounds" from the NovaRO Patcher.

  • /fps: displays frame rate at the top right of your screen
  • /m2e: displays ground AoE skills around you
  • /bbe: displays bowling bash gutterlines
  • /dead: displays deadcells (non-walkable cells) in black
  • /circle1, /circle2, /circle3, /circle4: displays your skill range circles, range editable manually in novaext.ini file
  • /box: displays a box around the character to show if a monster will detect you or not
  • /autocool #: enables CPU cooling which lessens the load of the NovaRO client on your PC (useful for multiclienting) 0 for off, 1 for minimized client only, 2 for inactive clients
  • /timestamp: adds timestamps to chat
  • /turbo: toggles turbo mode / smart casting for battlemode
  • /vsync: may fix window mode vsync issues (rare, but try, may solve screen tearing)
  • /zbias #: adjust cells whose higher than drawn (this should resolve problems with color cells, increase this number)
  • /helpext: displays list of NovaExt commands in game

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