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The Cat Hand Services provide similar services as of those of the Kafra Corporation and Cool Event Corporation. However, they're found primarily in the New World. The agents in the New World provide players with certain services. As with Kafra ladies, different Cat Hand agents may provide different services. These services include:

  • Save Service (Free)
  • Storage Service (60 Zeny)
  • Heal Service
  • Teleport Service (See below for costs)
    • Prontera
    • Alberta
    • Izlude
    • Geffen
    • Payon
    • Morroc
    • Al De Baran
    • Juno
    • Einbroch
    • Lighthalzen
    • Splendide (Only accessible by Cat Hand Agent near Manuk)
    • Manuk (Only accessible by Cat Hand Agent near Splendide)
    • Mid Camp (Only accessible by Cat Hand Agent near Splendide, Manuk, and Outside El Dicastes)
    • Jottunheim (Only accessible by Cat Hand Agent near Splendide, Manuk, and Outside El Dicastes)
    • Dimensional Gorge (Agent Geck (17,32) in the Eden Lobby at the left side of the front counter)

Unlike the other two companies, Cat Hand's services are unlocked with "Credits". In order to gain access to these services, each character must complete a short quest to gain credits.

Location of Cat Hand Agents

  • (mid_camp 61, 125)
  • Near entrance to Splendide
  • Near entrance to Manuk
  • (Near enchantment NPCs for Feral Boots etc) This Cat Hand Agent only provides Warp Service to mid_camp if player has more than 100 credits.
  • Agent Geck located to the left of the Eden Lobby front counter


  • For Cat Hand Agent near Manuk/Splendide, he can provide warp to each other once the player has 100 Credits. Warp to Mid Camp costs 5,500z and both Splendide/Manuk cost 7,500z. Cat Hand Agent on Outside El Dicastes (dic_fild01) also provide teleport to Mid Camp.
  • For Agent Geck in the Eden lobby, he warps you to the Continental Guard Quarantine (moc_fild20) map after a one-time payment of 50,000 zeny. After this fee is paid, further warps are free of charge. After he sends you to the Quarantine map, go east 20 squares to the small Cat who will send you to the Dimensional Gorge (moc_fild22b) map.
  • After Episode 14.2, there are new Cat Agents called Teleport No. X (X = number). These provide warp service to towns in the New World (Eclage, Mora Village, Splendide, Mid Camp, Manuk, and El Dicastes). They can accessed anytime without Credits requirement but charge a higher fee and will only teleport to the next nearest town. Player can meet them on field outside the town.


To view your current credit total, talk with Fluffy Gyaruk .

Credit Guide

  1. Talk to Cat Hand Agent .
  2. Talk to Fluffy Gyaruk .
  3. Return to Cat Hand Agent to sign a contract.
  4. Talk to Fluffy Gyaruk again, at this point he will tell you that you have earned 5 Credits.
  5. Talk to Ferocious Gorurug, he will explain Fishing.
  6. Click the School of Fish to attempt fishing.
  7. Once you have collected 10 Piece of Fish, give them to Ferocious Gorurug.
    • Your Credit with Cat Hand will now be 10. Subsequent sets of Piece of Fish will earn you 1 Credit and 15,000 Base EXP.
  8. Marlins caught while fishing can be handed in to Henry Clifford for 2 Black Market Credits each.
    • Note: do not turn in any Marlins until after you have handed in your first set of fish parts.
  9. Talk to Cat Hand Mining Agent , he will explain mining.
    • When you have 10 Credits, he will allow you to hand in Unidentified Minerals (3 at a time).
    • Each set of minerals will earn you 1 Credit and 30,000 Base EXP.


  1. You can only fish if you have less than 20 Piece of Fish in your inventory.
  2. One set of 10 Piece of Fish can be turned in every 24 hours.
  3. To get the most points possible in the least amount of time, it is best to fish up 20 Piece of Fish, then store them.
    • This will allow you to continue fishing. Caught Marlins will be your main source of credit.

Fishing spots:

According to Gorurug, fishing spots that are situated in areas with monsters yeild more fish.

For every fishing attempt, a random item (or nothing) is given:

New World Access Quest

  1. Go to the Eden Group Headquarters and then talk with the Cat Hand agent, who is situated near the desk on the first floor (ground floor).
    • Choose "Why don't you collect it yourself?", and then "I'll help the merchants".
  2. Pay the one-time fee of 50,000 zeny, and he will then teleport you to the quarantined area of the Sograt Desert.
  3. Walk east and then talk with the cat .
    • Choose "Let's do this!", and he will then teleport you to the Dimensional Gorge.
  4. Walk north and then talk with the Cat Hand agent.
    • Choose "To the other world!", and he will then teleport you to the New World.

Equipment Enchanting

  1. After completing step 8 of Doha's Secret Orders, players can purchase a Golden Bell, Feral Tail, or Feral Boots from Jahbong .
  2. Each item may be enchanted by a nearby NPC.
    1. Enchanting the first slot costs 1 Sapha Certification, possible results are:
    2. Enchanting the 2nd slot costs 2 Sapha Certification, possible results are:
    3. Enchanting the 3rd slot costs 3 Sapha Certification, possible results are:
    • The 3rd step of the enchanting process has a high chance to destroy the equipment.
    • Additionally, at any point in the process players may choose to '"reset"' (destroy) the equipment (and can then purchase another).